Ospreywatch Report: 21 July. Natural born flyer!

It was sunny but chilly in a fresh breeze as we set up the ‘scopes but at least the wind kept midges away all day. A familiar scene greeted us with the female on the camera pole above the nest and the fledgling in it. Another osprey was flying nearby – probably the male.

The morning was quiet in every way with not many visitors and not much activity on and around the nest. But at 12:20, after a couple of preparatory jumps, the young osprey was off and had a leisurely but assured flight around the nest area for a couple of minutes before a smooth landing on her home – although it won’t be for much longer. At 13:10, after a brief rest, she was off again. She circled around for another couple of minutes before yet another good landing. But this time it was in a tree, so well done! A few minutes later overconfidence set in perhaps, as the fledgling flew past the nest and somewhat clumsily settled on a branch of another tree. Mum had a fly around, maybe to check everything was OK, then five minutes or so later the male and an intruder osprey appeared near the nest. Visitors and volunteers were having a great time watching all the action, whereas on the nestcam nothing was visible! The intruder was soon seen off.

Shortly before 14:30 the female went back onto the nest and the fledgling joined her. Why? Because dad was on his way with a fish! The youngster took control of it and fed herself, albeit without much grace. She has to get more practice holding a slippery customer.

After a lull for digestion, further flying practice ended with the fledgling settling on dad’s favourite tree to the far left of the nest area, soon to be joined by another adult for a while.

As a final treat for the volunteers as they packed up, the whole family was on the nest with a new fish brought in by dad. A great end to a day of impressive if short jaunts by the fledgling. The only disappointment was that there were less visitors than the weather and attractions merited – just 90ish at the viewpoint.

Don, Joyce and Joanna

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One Response to Ospreywatch Report: 21 July. Natural born flyer!

  1. Greg Sanders says:

    Thanks all- great blog again!
    pleased our birds aint had the trials that other web cam nests have had, Lakes and loch of the Lowes for example!
    Another good year considering the bad weather!

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