FLASH! The bird has flown!

The chick on Nest 1 took her first flight this afternoon. Staff at Kielder Castle were busy and missed the great event, but she was away from the nest for some time. By late afternoon she was back from her first solo adventure.

It is likely that the family will still use the nest as a base, not least to feed the fledgling until she has mastered catching fish. So Ospreywatch will take place this weekend; there could be some interesting aerial displays over the next few days!

The Nest 2 chicks have upped their game today with significantly more standing and wing flapping. But it is likely to be a couple of weeks before they fledge.

Exciting times!


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2 Responses to FLASH! The bird has flown!

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Wey-ay! Exciting indeed.

  2. Very important that the Watch witnesses the first few days of her flying and the behaviour of the parents. Very inconsiderate of her to perform when we weren’t there. However over the weekend we have a good chance to record what happens next…….

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