Not flying yet, but look at those wings

I’ll be flying down to that water soon! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

The chick on Nest 1 is being left in sole possession of the nest most of the time, so she can practice her flying skills. Her wing span is large for a 7 week old chick (another blog later will give data on her vital stats) and she runs across the nest flapping, so utilises all available space!

For a time yesterday afternoon she could be seen yelling at the side of the nest, probably for food. At this stage fish deliveries usually drop off to encourage the youngster to get ready for independence.

This is how to do it. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

Mum is still tending to sit on the camera pole to keep watch on the progress of the youngster. When she was down on the nest early yesterday afternoon it looked like a bit of training was going on as both flapped together. The adult is at the front of the nest although it is very difficult to spot a size difference.



Nest 2 update

Meanwhile on Nest 2 the chicks continue to grow and there was a lot of preening in some late sunshine yesterday. The female is still on the nest most of the time and the young birds do not seem to be doing much wing exercising, although the patchy camera coverage means action may be missed.

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