Ospreywatch Report: 14 July

How fast can I flap? And how near the edge? Image from the Forestry Commission camera

The light was good for viewing across the water to the nest area, and a reward came at about 11:00 when the chick became very energetic with lots of wing flapping –  we were able to see her and her plumage quite clearly. The adult female was perched in a tree and alternated between this and the camera pole most of the watch, only dropping into the nest once when a fish was brought in at about 11:15.

At around 13:35 we had a report that people had seen an osprey fishing while they were on the ferry down by the Dam. Just after this we saw our male osprey fly lazily south from the nest area and disappear beyond trees to the south of the watch position. It was a great view of him in full flight.  At about the same time we saw what some thought was a buzzard, but others were clear was another osprey, flying over Leaplish heading towards the south shore where Nest 2 is situated; it circled for a while then dropped out of view.

There seemed to be less frequency of both care from the female and feeding – possibly suggesting that a change of behaviour was now taking place to tempt the chick to fly.

Sadly around 14:00 the cloud rolled in and pretty well obscured the nest site. This was followed by rain which looked at first to be light but became very heavy, and with no visitors in over an hour we packed up at around 16:00. There were around 70 visitors before the rain, so a quiet day.

Joe, Dave and Roger

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