Even soggier than ever! Ospreywatch report for 11 July

It was wet….. very wet. At times it was just drizzle, at times it was heavy rain. We have a new keep fit activity called ‘covering and uncovering the telescopes’.

At around 10:25 we were able to see the male hunting above the trees on the headland to the left of the watch site. We did not see him dive but at 10:50 he returned to the nest with a fish. This was the only time we observed him bring a fish to the nest today. However our sightings of the nest were few and far between due to the mist and the rain (did I mention that?). We did see the female on the edge of the nest and at other times on the camera pole.

Those who retired to the Boat Inn to watch the live camera feed did see the chick stand on the edge of the nest and flap its wings – and were convinced it was about to fly – but it gave up on that and went back to the nest cup to sleep for most of the day.

We had 39 visitors, as usual very enthusiastic and appreciative of the mad people who choose to stand in the rain…..

From 13:45 to almost 15:00 we had no visitors to the site at all and as it was impossible to see anything we packed up at that stage. We were a bit wet by then.

Kathy, Andrew and Roger

But they didn’t mention midges, so heavy rain has one advantage! Kielder Castle staff reported fish were delivered to the nest on at least two occasions despite the very heavy rain for much of the day, so the male osprey did well in difficult conditions. There is a long, narrow, shallow channel in the area the volunteers saw the male, exactly the sort of water he needs to find fish in when it is raining hard.

The camera coverage suggests the female osprey is confident the young osprey is waterproof now, as she left it alone in the nest during heavy rain. As recently as yesterday she was valiantly trying to cover a body almost her own size during the worst weather.

Unfortunately there are problems with the camera feed from Nest 2, which are thought to  originate at a point near the nest rather than from within the camera network. It is not clear when the issue will be resolved, but it may not be before the two chicks on that nest are ringed in a few days time.

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