Ospreywatch Report: 8 July. Plenty of fish today!

As soon as the volunteers got the ‘scopes on the nest the chick was seen doing some vigorous flapping of its wings and jumping up and down. The mother was on the side of nest giving it plenty of room! Very soon after that we were able to watch an osprey with a fish heading away from the lake towards Nest 2.  The flight was leisurely and we were able to watch for a considerable time as he made his way over the trees.

At 10:55 the Nest 1 male returned with a fish, then sat in a tree for a while. At 11:1o the female took off from nest and had an exercise flight. The male then headed off.

At 12:15 two ospreys were seen flying in the general nest area – was one the intruder from yesterday? One settled in a tree near the nest. At about 12:30 two buzzards were spotted circling near the nest. The  female took off and circled below the buzzards who then flew off. The female then briefly disappeared into the cloud before reappearing and landing back on the nest. Meanwhile the osprey in the tree was just a spectator in all this – shortly after he disappeared.

At 12:55 the Nest 1 male flew straight to the nest with a fish and all three fed on this.

Just after 13:00 a group from the Darlington Naturalists Society arrived and as they made their way to the watch site some spotted the Nest 2 male heading towards that nest with another fish – again a leisurely flight. It got rather busy looking after 25 at one go!

Full of fish, the Nest 1 male headed off to perch on ‘his’ tree to left of the nest, the female had another flight and then perched on the camera pole. The chick settled down for a post lunch nap!

At 14:40 all three appear stood up on the nest together for a nice ‘posed’ camera call…. you’d think they knew we were watching.

During the afternoon the female flew round the nest area a few more times.

From lunchtime, following some technical wizardry by Joe, all visitors were able to watch the screen in the Boat Inn and this was a great hit as usual.

In total we had 115 visitors, pretty good given it was the Wimbledon finals and also the recent weather, although it was good all day for a change. Furthest afield was a family from the Czech Republic.

A pretty eventful weekend when taken with Saturday’s viewings.

Joe, Mike and Roger

Update on Nest 2

As the volunteers observed, the male from Nest 2 was a successful fisherman on Sunday and by 15:30, via the live nestcam stream, the staff at Kielder Castle had seen three large fish being delivered. The chicks fed well and enjoyed the sun.

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