Feeding time at the nests

Despite the damp weather again today, there have been drier interludes when the osprey chicks have been fed.

A delicate offering from mum. Image from the Forestry Commission camera.

On Nest 1, the chick is still being fed by the female osprey most of the time. Sometimes it has a peck itself but it is not clear how successfully! Although the chick looks as big as the female, and female ospreys are larger than males, this apparent equality of size is because of the feather growth. In fact the chick will weigh significantly less at this stage and would look smaller if both birds were naked.


Dad seems to be saying what a good fisherman he is to the camera, whilst mum gets on with preparing lunch. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

On Nest 2, the photo (from yesterday) shows a distinctly interested chick inspecting the fish the male, on the right of the shot, had just delivered. Today a very large fish supplied at least two meals for the young ospreys and their mother.

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2 Responses to Feeding time at the nests

  1. Greg Sanders says:

    Thanks again
    I wonder if the intruding bird may be last years osprey from nest number one?

    • joannadailey says:

      That would be unlikely, although never say never! Studies have shown the original male in such situations normally ‘wins’, even if a new male arriving before the ‘owner’ tries to take over a nest site. At Kielder, observations of the nest area did not spot any behaviour suggesting a major tussle in early April. The two recent intruder sightings are not unusual at this time in the season as young birds look for partners.

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