Rain stops Ospreywatch, but plenty of fish today

It was a misty start to the day, with the nest not visible until nearly 1030. Midges were out too! After a sunny late morning the haze became a real issue with some of the 66 or so visitors not being able to make out the nest site through the fieldscopes. The male was usually on a tree to the left, or occasionally right, of the nest and the female spent a lot of time on the top of the camera pole. The chick enjoyed the sunshine and a fish before rain came. The female, who had also eaten on the nest, then went to sit over as much of it as she could manage! It really does seem to have grown since Sunday’s watch.

The highlight was a good spot by Neil of an osprey fishing near the north shore opposite the viewpoint. It came relatively near and there were some great views through binoculars and even with the naked eye. As usual, someone in the restaurant had the really special sight of it diving into the water behind the trees on the right of the watch site. We asked Kelly from the Northumberland Wildlife Trust (who very kindly helped us over lunch time and was rewarded by the view) to instigate a tree felling session for her volunteers!

Just before 4pm, it became impossible to see beyond the Scout Camp headland and we shut up shop.

Neil and Joanna

Kielder Castle staff were relieved to see three fish brought to Nest 2 by the male osprey, given the absence of deliveries yesterday. The first arrived at 1205 and was quite large, providing ample for all the chicks. By the time the third fish arrived at 1615, chick 3 was quick off the mark and had a very good feed. By 1645 the rain set in at that nest and the female immediately sheltered her chicks, who are still very vulnerable with their non-waterproof down.

The male osprey watches feeding time from his ‘catch of the day’. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

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