Ospreywatch Report: 17 June

At first, weather conditions on Sunday were similar to the previous day – wet, midges abounding, restricted visibility. In fact the nest area could not be seen at all until about 1115. But the rain and midges went, the sun came out occasionally, and many of the 123 visitors enjoyed some clear views of both adult ospreys through the telescopes.

The live camera feed to the TV in the Boat Inn at Leaplish showed a fish had been brought to the nest by the male prior to 1100, but initially it lay uneaten as the female brooded the growing chick. The male was spotted through the telescopes in a tree near the nest, and that area is where he stayed for almost all the viewing period. The female fed the chick a couple of times. She had an occasional stretch of her wings but was not absent for long. TV viewers were able to see the chick most of the afternoon as the female mainly sat beside it once the weather improved. Neither she nor the chick seemed to want more food, but it was a surprisingly long time (1100 to 1700) for no fishing to take place when conditions were quite good. Some time off for dad on Father’s Day, perhaps!

Kielder Castle staff had major problems with the feed from the camera on Nest 2 and it failed altogether by late afternoon. In the limited windows when connection was achieved, the staff did not see any fish brought in and had little chance to check the condition of the chicks.

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