Roller coaster day

After the excitement of discovering that all three chicks on Nest 2 had survived, it was a real blow to lose two of the three youngsters on Nest 1 today. All three were waddling round the nest early in the day but by 1100 only two were visible and within an hour only one. Visitors to Ospreywatch at Leaplish Water Park who had been into the Boat Inn to watch the live footage reported that one chick had been right on the edge of the nest. They were not viewing continuously, but it seems probable that the chick fell over the side. Given that all had looked well earlier, this also may have been the fate of the other missing chick. The mother is experienced. She raised three chicks in each of the first two breeding seasons, and cared for the brood through the  heavy rain yesterday. It is unlikely that the mystery of what happened will be solved.

On Nest 2, as reported earlier, all three chicks tucked in when the male brought in a fish at 1100.  They fed off the same catch at noon; at 1300ish the male took it away to have a chunk or two! Further fish came in during the afternoon and the female was seen to feed all three chicks again.

The Nest 2 female tearing off morsels of fish for the three chicks. Image from Forestry Commission camera

The Nest 2 male helps himself to a meal whilst his chicks look on. Image from Forestry Commission camera

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