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Big Brother (or Sister)!

The engineers were working hard today to connect the cafe at Kielder Castle to the live nest cameras, and also to allow staff to record from Nest 1. Consequently the cameras weren’t available for most of what was a pretty … Continue reading

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Progress report

Nest 1 is a busy place. Staff at Kielder Castle have seen the male osprey fly in the four fish today that will keep the three young chicks well fed. Mum tears each fish into small morsels before offering to … Continue reading

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3rd Chick

At 3pm today the third egg on nest 1 hatched. Let us hope this lovely weather continues until they are big enough to cope with wind and rain.

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Watch point opening

Volunteers will be starting to man the watch point at Leaplish Waterside Park this weekend now that there are chicks in nest 1.  The watch point can be found in front of the restaurant and is free so come along … Continue reading

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First views of the chicks

Here are some screen shots from nest 1 showing the 2 new chicks.  These were acquired yesterday, 28 May 2012, from the Forestry Commission’s video camera.

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Second chick for nest 1

A second osprey chick has been born on Nest 1.  Staff at Kielder Castle saw the youngster when turning on the CCTV this morning.  Both chicks look healthy. One egg remains to hatch.  Stay tuned. Click here for some new … Continue reading

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We have a chick

The first of this year’s osprey chicks in Kielder Water & Forest Park was born this afternoon on Nest 1.  Forestry Commission staff at Kielder Castle spied the little one just after 3pm after mum shuffled around to a reveal … Continue reading

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View of Nest 1

The live feed of Nest 1 (the original nest) is up and running at Leaplish, a handy comparison for when the volunteer staffed watch point opens, as this is the nest that is visible from the watch point.  The Mounces … Continue reading

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Incubating male

Last week’s gusty and cold weather has now been replaced by warm sunshine.  Last week the staff at Kielder Castle were monitoring the high definition pictures from Nest 2 where the male osprey is proving himself a ‘New Man’ by … Continue reading

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Sea-sick ospreys

The staff at Kielder castle were hoping the ospreys don’t get sea sick today.  The gusty winds have meant the ospreys were hunkering down on their nests; especially on Nest 2 which seems more prone to being rocked by the … Continue reading

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