Lots of Activity in the Nest

Despite the occasional drizzly and midgy spells, the Osprey Watch volunteers were kept busy with about 100 people taking the opportunity to use the high-powered telescopes each day on Saturday and Sunday.  Visitors were treated to a lot more activity at the nest than has been the case on previous weekends.

On Saturday morning the male was away from the nest a lot but returned twice having been fishing.  He hung around on one occasion and could be seen perched on a tree next to the nest for about 30 minutes.  Once he left in the afternoon he was not seen again but visibility was poor from around 3:30.  The Female seems very ‘busy’ in the nest and the frequency of the fishing tends to suggest there’s more than just her to feed now.  Most of the time she was observed bobbing her head up and down.  Of course it’s not just during the watches that the birds are seen, some visitors reported seeing the male fly over the caravan site on Friday night on his way back to the nest site.

On Sunday some quite excited folk saw the female Osprey bobbing about in the nest and she spent a lot of time perching on the side.  The male was, once again, seen flying on fishing expeditions.  At 4pm the female did a few laps around the nest – probably an ‘ablution’ stop.  Hopefully the camera will be fixed by the end of the week so that we can then confirm how many chicks have hatched.

At times when activity at the nest is slow or the visibility is poor the swifts and oystercatchers are providing entertainment and a chaffinch popped down to feed in the watch area.

The new volunteer T-shirt

By the way, the volunteers are recommending something like Avon’s ‘Skin So Soft’ to keep the midges at bay.  Also, look out for their new Osprey t-shirts with a striking osprey silhouette.

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One Response to Lots of Activity in the Nest

  1. Sally Hutt says:

    We hear that the camera should be operational again soon.

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