Lazy days at the nest

Kielder osprey on nesting platform

Saturday was a miserable day at Kielder; it rained more or less incessantly.  There wasn’t much activity on the nest though the female did pop her head up a few times and once took off to stretch her wings for a minute or two.  Early in the day the watch volunteers were treated to spectacular views of the male fishing directly in front of the viewpoint – no binoculars necessary!  He headed south towards the dam and sadly that was the last that was seen of him for the day.

The hardy visitors were all enthusiastic and really keen to know more. One mother and son had come all the way from Manchester exclusively to see the ospreys. Luckily they were there when the female stretched her wings, so they weren’t disappointed.

Sunday threatened rain at times but there was some nice sunshine too.  Again visitors came from far and wide including some who had been travelling in Scotland for five weeks.

Two heads popped up and down on the nest most of the day meaning that the male was having a bit of a lazy day; at about 3pm he took off and headed away from the dam on a belated errand to get some fish.

Other wildlife included very noisy oystercatchers and the swallows and swifts were extremely energetic and acrobatic.

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4 Responses to Lazy days at the nest

  1. thanks for the update.

  2. Greg Sanders says:

    Many thanks for the informative updates on the Blog, i love reading about how our birds are doing in a similar way to Loch Garten etc.
    How about a live streaming on the net next year?- would attract a lot more visitors etc
    Keep up the good work
    Its appreciated!

  3. thehutts says:

    The problem with a live video stream is that the broadband links to Kielder are just not good enough. It’s the most remote village in England with the resultant limitations on broadband capability. If this were solved we would certainly consider it as an option.

  4. Greg Sanders says:

    Thanks for the reply!- never thought of that problem!
    At least the Blogs are more regular and keeping us up to date!- hopefully ove this weekend again!

    Thanks again

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