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2018 will be the 10th successive year of Ospreys breeding in Kielder Forest. During that time, the population has grown from 1 to 4 breeding pairs, with other birds in the area each summer. As usual, we aim to update the website regularly, courtesy of the nest cameras provided by Forestry Commission England and other sources of news.

We have introduced some layout changes for 2018. On the right hand side of this new home page there are links to posts about each individual nest, and also migration. By clicking on the relevant image, you’ll see all the information about the subject for this year, plus some archived posts for the nests.

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Osprey Watch will run at Kielder Waterside from 21 April, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays, 10.30-17.00. It will also run in July and August on Wednesdays.

Key news items will be displayed below for a short time.

2 April: just before noon, UV began his 3rd Spring migration
4 April: White EB was perched on her nest edge, Nest 2, at 08.00
5 April: Yellow 37 landed on Nest 2 at 08.43
6 April: Mrs 69 was seen on Nest 4
7 April: Blue 69 of Nest 4 and White YA of Nest 1A both arrived home
9 April: Mrs YA of Nest 1A lands at 16.31
16 April (probably): the Nest 3 female reached home