Aln: more on her activity on 17 September

Aln saw quite a bit of variety in the terrain below her yesterday, as she flew over industrialised Saarland on a course to the west of the Vosges mountains.

heading south

commerce and industry…

…to mainly agriculture

Aln flew from 08.25 UTC to just after 14.00 before stopping for about 30 minutes by the Étang de Foulcrey.

no evidence of foraging

She carried on for only another 20 minutes before halting in one wood, then on to another near Frémonville.

This is the wood in which she spent the afternoon (on trees on the left of the photo) before roosting in the taller trees on the right.

courtesy Street View

Not as picturesque to us as by a lake, but good for Aln with clear views of the surroundings.



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Aln: flying through France

As expected, Aln reached the French border yesterday.

courtesy Paul McMichael

She crossed into France at around midday. Aln travelled 167 km in a relatively short day compared to most migrating ospreys.

The weather in eastern France today and tomorrow is likely to be showery, but on Wednesday conditions should improve for Aln’s onward travel.

There’ll be another post later with some details about her activity yesterday.

UV’s email arrived early today. He appeared set for more lazing on the Brittany coast. Tomorrow should see good conditions for him to travel south.

We didn’t receive data for Archer yesterday. It is possible she wasn’t in range of a cell tower at transmission time, or there may have been network problems.

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Aln: still in Germany

Today’s data upload covered only to mid-morning, so Aln was still travelling in Germany.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Aln flew 178 km yesterday, halting at around 14.15. Yesterday’s ‘overview’ post contained a graphic showing she would have reached an area with frequent showers by then.

Her flying technique included some soaring.

courtesy Paul McMichael

She reached about 900m above the terrain at the top of most of the sections during that period.

This is where Aln spent the afternoon and night.

the river is just visible below and left of  the roost

The general area, the Hunsrück, is a low mountain range in the south of the Rhenish Uplands.

After a few local moves, Aln started her southward travel this morning just before 08.30 UTC.

By tomorrow’s data transmission she should be in France.

We haven’t received data for UV or Archer at the time of drafting, 16.20 BST.

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Aln: more on her first 24 hours in Germany

Aln flew over the German border at about 11.00 UTC on Friday.

travelling to Rhineland

She stopped for the first time at 11.36. By 13.59, she was crossing the Rhine. She halted soon after at the edge of a wood near Duisberg – for longer on this occasion.

courtesy Street View

The orange lines are Aln’s track. They show which tree she used as a perch. She sat there between 14.09 and 14.48, then headed on a mainly southerly course close to the Rhine. She roosted near the west bank after spending much of late afternoon by the river.

riverside roost

The first fix away from her roost on 16 September was by the river. There aren’t enough fixes early in the morning to tell whether she tried to forage. Aln was flying onwards by 08.12, mainly along the path of the Rhine.

She flew past Bonn just after 11.00. Her course was S/SSE.

travelling west of the Rhine

When today’s data arrives, Aln could be in another European country.

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Archer: not quite there

Archer’s data arrived late afternoon, when she had another hour or more of flying time. Tantalisingly close to Senegal!

courtesy Paul McMichael

She had about 70-80 km to go, depending on her course. She flew 307 km yesterday.  If she does that – or a little more, given her tacking course today – she could be by the Senegal River now.

Did she arrive tonight? We’ll find out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, experienced traveller UV was still enjoying the fishing off the Brittany coast this morning. He is further south than where he was this time last year. But a move is likely to be imminent.

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Aln: flying through Germany

Late afternoon data shows Aln heading through Germany.

courtesy Paul McMichael

As you can see, her course is curving round. Although the winds weren’t helpful, yet again.

Aln flew 190 km yesterday, not the usual migration distance. She has had tough conditions, and they continued today.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Will she be in Switzerland tomorrow? Data will tell!

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Archer: into Mauritania

Archer crossed from the Western Sahara to Mauritania around 09.10 UTC this morning. She has made good progress today, covering 297 km to the last fix at 16.17. She usually flies until after 18.00.

courtesy Paul McMichael

Archer is under 250 km in a straight line to the Senegal River. Tomorrow, her data will probably arrive early. Too early!

UV was still in southern Brittany this morning.

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