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2018 was the 10th successive year of Ospreys breeding in Kielder Forest. During that time, the population grew from 1 to 5 breeding pairs, with other birds in the area each summer. This year, eggs were laid on 6 nests.

As usual, we aim to update the website regularly, courtesy of the nest cameras provided by Forestry England and other sources of news.

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Key news items for 2019 will be displayed below for a short time.

31 March: Nest 1A pair YA and Mrs YA returned from migration
1 April: Nest 2 pair 37 and EB had arrived over the weekend
2 April: the 2018 Nest 3 male arrived
6 April: UV intruded at Nest 1A, his earliest ever return to the UK
6 April; the Nest 3 female arrived in the afternoon, by 16.00
6-7 April: Mrs 69 returned to Nest 4, followed by 69 by the afternoon of 8 April
14-23 April: Nest 1A – FOUR eggs laid
17-c23 April: Nest 2 – three eggs laid
19 April: Nest 4 first egg seen, probably laid late 16-early 17 April, two more by 23 April
19 April: Nest 6 male W6 returned from migration, bringing the Nest 6 unringed female a fish
20 April: 2017 Nest 2 female 7L/Aln began her first Spring migration
22-28 April: Nest 3 – three eggs laid
2 May: Nest 5A’s first egg was laid between pm 29 April and 10.00 on 2 May
2-8 May: Nest 6 – three eggs laid
15 May: 2016 Nest 2 female Blue Y6 intruded at Loch of the Lowes
21 May: 7L/Aln reached England
24 May: chick 1 for Nest 1A hatched between 15.12 and 15.21
24 May: chick 1 for Nest 2 hatched, time unknown
25 May: chick 2, Nest 1A, hatched about 09.40
26 May: chick 2, Nest 2, arrived by 07.00
26 May: chick 3, Nest 1A, hatched at 16.41
28 May: two chicks seen on Nest 4, one at least likely to have hatched on 27 May
29 May: chick 4, Nest 1A, hatches at 11.21
29 May: chick 3 seen on Nest 4, possibly hatched earlier in the day
29 May: chick 1, Nest 3, hatched at 18.58
31 May: chick 2, Nest 3, hatched before 07.00
11 June: chick 1, Nest 6, hatched before streaming began at 08.00
11 June: chick 2, Nest 6, hatched at about 13.16
12 June: chick 4, Nest 1A, died
12 June: one of the chicks on Nest 6 didn’t survive the night
14 June: egg 3 hatched, chick known as chick 2
14 June: chick 3, Nest 4, died during the week
18 June: the two chicks on Nest 6 died in an accident
22 June: confirmation of 2 chicks for Nest 5A
18 July: 204/Cheviot, Nest 1A, fledged before 08.00
19 July: 201/Chirdon, Nest 2, fledged at 11.06
20 July: 203/Chesters, Nest 1A, fledged at 10.16
23 July: 205/Craster, Nest 1A, fledged at 08.45
23 July: both Nest 2 juveniles seen flying around the nest area
23 July: 229/Corbridge, Nest 4, fledged before 07.00
23 July: 207/Cawfields, Nest 3, fledged between 16.00 and 18.00
24 July: 220/Chesters, Nest 1A, fledged during the morning
26 July: 206/Catcleugh, Nest 3, fledged after 11.00 and by 15.08
4 August: 209/Chipchase, Nest 5A fledged by 13.15. 208/Cragside not seen since 4 August
19 August: 203/Chesters left Kielder Forest at 09.06 UTC